Our attorneys represent parties in all aspects of real estate transactions including buyers, sellers, financiers and developers. We have experience in crafting the terms of a deal or investment. We also provide services to design and construction professionals, including contract negotiation and preparation for architects and engineers. Additionally, we provide analysis and advice regarding building code and government land use requirements.

Capitol Law Group PLLC’s real estate lawyers help buyers or sellers of property navigate real estate transactions. Our experienced attorneys can draft specialized contracts, handle title defects and help with all your real estate needs.

Real Estate Specialties:

  • Development (Operation & Organization)
  • Transactions & Property Acquisitions
  • Design & Construction

Real estate law can be quite complex, especially if litigation is involved. We help clients resolve issues related to leases, purchases, appraisals and inspections. In cases where homeowners are desperately trying to avoid foreclosures, we can step in and provide eminently reliable legal advice. In some cases, banks may be unnecessarily aggressive in pursuing the property. We are dedicated to defending borrowers who are at risk of losing their homes.

Binding real estate agreements require assistance from licensed lawyers. We help clients draft documents that pertain to financial agreements, purchasing contracts, and conveyance transactions. Many contracts, in fact, require the cooperation of several different parties. We are skilled at working with brokers, investors, developers and other entities who are intimately involved with the target project. The terms and conditions of real estate deals are often filled with technical jargon that should be carefully parsed by legal experts before the final contracts are signed.

At Capitol Law Group PLLC, our lawyers are trained to review complex transactions. When pieces of property are transferred from one individual to another, our legal professionals will act as guardians throughout the process. By reviewing the prospective transaction with an eye toward detail, we ensure that our clients do not fall into financial traps that can harm them in the weeks, months and years ahead.