Our experienced attorneys in Boise and Emmett are familiar with the increasingly complex regulatory environment facing healthcare companies. We provide coordinated services to physicians, physicians assistants, healthcare group practices, and other health care personnel and entities regarding business formation, contracting, employment and medical staff issues, regulatory compliance, corporate compliance, tax planning or tax-exemption issues, professional services and employment agreements, non-compete and independent contractor agreements, and organization and formation.

Demographers have noted that the national population is rapidly aging. As a result, health providers will face increasing numbers of patients in the coming years. At the same time, the government regularly issues complex new laws and regulations for the healthcare industry. Companies in this industry will face complex challenges in meeting the demands of changing healthcare law. The legal experts at Capitol Law Group PLLC help clients navigate complicated legal issues with confident assurance. This law firm only employs attorneys with integrity and proven ability.

Healthcare Law Specialties:

  • Professional Services & Employment Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements & Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Organizing & Formation
  • Tax Planning
  • Compliance

From negotiating contracts and legal agreements to ensuring full tax compliance, Capitol Law Group PLLC attorneys can assist clients with needs large and small. In an era of malicious litigation, healthcare professionals can avoid many problems when they seek legal advice early and often. With discernment and understanding, our experienced attorneys can identify and circumvent legal problems before they happen.

From company formation through hiring and human resources management, good legal advice can simplify every part of a company’s life cycle. In an increasingly competitive commercial environment, healthcare firms rely on carefully built reputations to stand out from their competitors. Lawsuits are expensive and can cost dearly in the court of public opinion. By securing legal review for employment agreements and other legal forms, healthcare companies can protect their good names and professional identities. Capitol Law Group PLLC has proven its ability to meet the varied needs of clients in healthcare and other critical industries.