Our Boise and Emmett attorneys offer estate planning and probate services in three areas: legal, tax, and financial. Capitol Law Group PLLC can prepare wills, trusts, living wills, durable powers of attorney for health care and general durable powers of attorney; determine federal and state inheritance, estate, and income tax consequences of death; create family partnerships, joint ventures, and corporations; prepare gift programs to family, charity or others; create charitable foundations and trusts; coordinate wills, trusts and other estate documents with recommendations of accountant, financial advisor, insurance agent and other professionals; prepare and review disability and retirement plans; probate and administer estate. You select the thoroughness of your estate planning and probate by choosing the mix of services and consulting with your attorney for what is best for you.

Estate planning and probate, wills, and trusts shouldn’t be left until something happens. Life is always happening and you never know what may occur. From living wills and trusts to disposition of estates, our attorneys and staff are knowledgeable in life planning. By having a solid plan in place, you will help lessen the burden on you and your family during times of stress. We’re here to help craft a plan to protect your family. Contact us for an initial consultation.

We also offer an annual review to adapt your changed estate planning and probate circumstances.

At Capitol Law Group PLLC, we strive to ensure that your final wishes can be followed while advising you on the related legal, tax, and financial impacts of your plans.


Our skilled estate planning and probate lawyers create a thoughtful roadmap with appropriate documentation that complies with complex laws and takes care of what means the most to you.


We help you plan ahead while taking into consideration the federal, state and local tax laws associated with your business, real estate and probate matters.


Sound financial advice is a key element in preparing your will, creating a trust or navigating the probate process.

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