Employment law, also known as labor law, covers a broad spectrum of issues and problems that may arise from the employer-employee relationships. Our employment law experts can show you how to reduce the risk of employment related litigation and how to comply with state and local laws. Our employment laws attorneys can also help protect workers’ rights.

To prevent litigation over liability, our attorneys provide counseling, training and strategies regarding all aspects of the employment relationship, including permissible hiring and pre-employment inquiries, offer letters and employment contracts, non-compete agreements, employee handbooks, and appropriate policies and procedures to address ADA requirements, FMLA concerns, and worker’s compensation laws. We also develop counseling and training programs to assist employers in preventing sexual harassment, wage and hour law compliance and accommodating disabled employees. If litigation does arise, we provide our clients with a vigorous, thorough, well-reasoned and cost-effective defense aimed at achieving the best possible result.

Capitol Law Group specializes in several areas of employment law.

Counseling and Training
Even the most well-intended comments can leave your company embroiled in litigation. Communicate the boundaries to all employees.

Employment Litigation
We use our in-depth understanding of employment law to guide you through labor disputes at any level.

Wage and Hour Issues
A maze of restrictions, both state and federal, are often subject to misinterpretation on the corporate level. Skilled legal representation will help you navigate the rules.

Policy Development and Drafting
Our experts provide legal excellence in creating solid policies that provide protection and guidance for your company.

Discrimination and Harassment
Careful handling of sensitive issues by experienced negotiators and litigators can bring these delicate matters to a close.

Non-Compete Agreements and Employment Contract Issues
Deliberate wording and a strong position can protect your business from loss of clients, assets, and proprietary information.

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