Capitol Law Group PLLC attorneys advise clients on day-to-day business needs, as well as on major transactions requiring the experience and resources of our full-service law firm. As part of our practice, we assist clients in a variety of matters, from start-up to dissolution and everything in between, including corporate law, corporate governance, entity formation, entrepreneur and start-up business, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning and compliance, estate planning and probate. With offices located in Boise and Emmett, our experienced litigators and counselors-at-law are able to assist in any legal matter presented to our firm.

Corporate and business law incorporates the regulation of governing contracts, sales, commercial paperwork, agency and employment law, business organizations, and property.  Other popular areas include insurance, wills and estate planning. Our business law services include issues such as starting, selling, or buying a small business, managing a business, dealing with employees, or dealing with contracts, among others.

Corporate/ Business Specialties


Our lawyers focus on practical business solutions that advance our clients’ objectives. Whether the business matter involves an acquisition, disposition equity investment, or other corporate legal instance, Capitol Law Group, PLLC attorneys are committed to providing value-added legal solutions that take into account the economics of every deal, including its financial and tax associations. Our Boise and Emmett lawyers are experienced negotiators and problem-solvers, capable of resolving issues and completing a deal from the concept phase through conclusion.

Capitol Law Group, PLLC attorneys experienced in corporate & business law are here to assist in meeting your business objectives by providing excellent quality and personalized legal service. If you would like further information about Capitol Law Group, PLLC, our law firm, or our legal representatives please contact us for further information.