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Our Boise and Emmett attorneys recognize that a divorce is an extremely emotional experience, especially when children are involved. We carefully guide you through every step of a divorce, whether it is a simple or complex case. We are capable and ready if an aggressive fight is what it takes to resolve custody issues, enforce visitation rights, or obtain a favorable division of assets. At the same time, we strive to resolve problems amicably whenever possible.

Dealing with stressful family breakups present an array of legal issues that require the skills of a veteran lawyer well-versed in dealing with family law matters.   If you are faced with a divorce, whether uncontested or not, child support issues or child custody matters, ensuring you protect your rights as a spouse or parent are essential to safeguarding your future.

Our family law attorneys are experienced in navigating the complexities of the family law system. Having a seasoned family lawFamily Law | Capitol Law Group, PLLC attorney who has a firm understanding of our unique state laws and procedural requirements greatly increases the likelihood of achieving a satisfactory result.

Family law can involve a broad array of practice areas. While custody cases are certainly common, you may also require legal assistance with marriages, civil unions, and divorces. The dissolution of marriages can be especially messy for couples who have a number of financial assets. We can help with legal separations, parental rights, and alimony. In cases where children are involved, custody hearings can be particularly delicate procedures.

Family law also covers child abuse and child abduction cases. If you suspect that one of the children in your household is being abused by a family member or relative, you will want to take immediate legal action. Our lawyers are capable of examining the evidence and building a solid case. If a divorce has recently taken place, then allegations of abuse can affect child visitation rights. We are also capable of working with other governmental agencies to ensure that children are placed in the best possible situation.

At Capitol Law Group PLLC, we are also skilled at handling issues revolving around paternity and legitimacy. Our legal professionals will help you navigate the process so that you receive the best possible settlement from the courts in the weeks ahead.

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